Communication Concepts is a technology innovator providing communication infrastructure products and services to the rail vertical

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Communication Concepts delivers infrastructure products and services that support intelligent video systems. Our focus on process automation has resulted in industry-leading solutions that enhance safety, increase efficiency and reduce expenditures.
Our mission is to provide supporting infrastructure that enables technologies that improve business practices and implement change necessary for growth and competitiveness, while reducing operational costs.
  • Safety

    Corporate active safety programs that enable individual responsibility and safety practices in the field and around the rail

  • Process

    Systems are configured, tested and staged in house. Systems endure a 24 hour burn in process that minimizes DOAs and configuration changes in the field.

  • Efficiency

    Our belief is the safest place on the railroad is not on the railroad. With this in mind, all our systems are completely tested and staged prior to shipping and subsequent installation in the field. The time onsite and potentially in harms way, is kept to a minimum.

Our Services...

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Turnkey Systems

Design, staging, configuration and installation of communications systems for vision based applications

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Wireless Systems

RF analysis, design and installation of wireless communication systems

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Installation of Integrated vision based systems

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Transportable solutions

Portable Vision System solutions for Locomotives

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Meet Our Technology Partners:

Communication Concepts Integration is a trusted partner and reseller for the most cutting-edge technology available today. This is the same technology that can be found in many of our products.


Communication Concepts Integration is a fast-paced industry leader focusing on computer vision based solutions within the transportation vertical. We are always seeking highly qualified individuals that are looking to work on cutting-edge technology.